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Cyber Security

Our company is familiar with all these challenges and offers you support to help save you time and allow you to devote yourself fully to your business while maintaining the required level of security.

On April 1, 2018, Act no. 69/2018. on Cyber Security, which comprehensively regulates the area of cyber and information security, introduces basic security requirements and measures important for the coordinated protection of information, communication and management systems. Also, it integrates the European Directive on Network and Information Security (NIS) into Slovak law.

A cyber security audit verifies compliance with legal obligations and assesses the compliance of the adopted security measures with the legal requirements and regulations related to the security of operators of essential service’s(OES) networks and information systems and also the systems and networks which support their services. This is done to ensure the required level of cyber security and to prevent cyber security incidents. The audit identifies deficiencies in the implementation of cyber security by the OES in order to eliminate and remedy them and prevent cyber security incidents.

The cyber security audit is performed by an auditor certified by an accredited certification body certifying the persons responsible for the certification of personnel in the field of cyber security according to ISO / IEC 17024.

The OES must verify the effectiveness of security measures taken and compliance with regulations by performing a cyber security audit within 2 years of the date of inclusion in the register of OESs. The audit costs are covered by the OES


Our certified cyber security specialists can provide you with support from basic analysis and assessments of your existing security measures to the design of tailor-made security measures, or provide external support services in maintaining the entire cyber security management system. In addition, we can ensure compliance with various legislative and standards requirements and, where appropriate, provide official cyber security audits by certified auditors.

Among our services are:

  • cyber security audits (according to Act No. 69/2018) and other assessments of compliance with legislation or standards
  • support for the implementation of a cyber security management system:
    • IT and business risk analysis
    • proposal for security measures
    • creation of safety documentation
    • support in setting rules and guidelines for specific areas of cyber security management (eg BCM, incident management, secure operation of IS and applications, etc.)
    • implementation of security solutions and systems
  • External manager of cyber security
  • training and other consultancy services in the field of cyber security

Our certified specialists will assist you in identifying your needs and requirements and provide comprehensive support.

Our company is listed on the government website of the NBÚ SR as a cyber security auditor.