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Social responsibility

This year we also participated in the beautiful project

25. February 2019

Same as last year, this year we exchanged our office chairs for shovels and rakes for one day and helped the civic association Brána do života(Gateway to life) through the project. This civic association helps women and children in difficult situations.

Many people willing to help and create a more beautiful environment for children and single mothers gathered in a courtyard in Petržalka. Some were painting the fence, others were cleaning the sidewalks, others were cutting wood or mowing the lawn, and we set about reviving the rock garden.

Since the weather was beautiful, the work progressed the same, the organizers together with the mothers also prepared a small snack for us. After a job well done, the renovated courtyard was brought back to life and we left with a good feeling in our hearts.

Autor: A4 GroUP