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Social responsibility

Volunteer event

25. February 2018

Today, we offered our employees an unconventional teambuilding event that is directly connected to our corporate culture and philosophy.

We participated in the largest corporate volunteering event in Slovakia – Our Town, where it is possible to directly help those who need it most. More than 10,000 volunteers signed up through their businesses, so we couldn’t miss this event.

We helped a primary school at Hlboká cesta in Bratislava through Friday’s event. The school had a rusty fence, so we and another group picked up paintbrushes and paints to make it greener and more beautiful. We have become part of the positive change of our city and so of our country. We also stretched our sore backs that are the result of our honest office work.

Following the event, we felt a wonderful sense of belonging that cemented our team even more for new future challenges.